WATCH: Transportation Secretary Buttigieg testifies before House committee on infrastructure

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg testified on infrastructure Tuesday before the House Transportation committee.

Watch the hearing in the player above.

Buttigieg’s appearances comes after the White House on Monday touted a 34-day drop in gas prices nationwide, calling it one of the fastest declines in fuel prices in a decade.

Speaking at the briefing Monday, White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein said Americans are spending about $25 per month less on gasoline than they did during the June peak, adding that economy-wide, “American drivers are saving around $190 million each day from lower gas prices.”

Bernstein said barring any unforeseen market conditions, he expects the trend to continue and the nation to “see average prices fall below $4 per gallon in more places in coming weeks.”

While acknowledging that “there’s a lot that goes into setting the global oil and gas price,” Bernstein said “the historic actions taken by President Biden to address the impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have helped and continue to help to increase the global supply of oil and therefore are in the mix of factors driving down the price.”

Asked if the administration is preparing for a recession, Bernstein said that is not where the economic signs are pointing.

“Based on consumer spending, based on payroll employment, based on where the unemployment rate is, I think we can confidently say that these, these numbers that we’re posting are very much inconsistent with a recessionary call given where we are right now,” he said.