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WATCH: Trump says U.S. ‘must get tough’ with drug dealers in opioid crisis

President Donald Trump is declaring the need for a nationwide public relations effort to convince Americans, and particularly children, to not start using drugs.

Trump unveiled his plan to combat the nation’s deadly opioid addiction in a speech Monday in Manchester, New Hampshire, a state ravaged by the drug. He announced a new website — crisisnextdoor.gov — that warned of the dangers of opioids, including fentanyl. He also called for broadcasting “great commercials” during “the right shows” that demonstrate to children “how bad” drugs are.

It was Trump’s first visit as president to New Hampshire. His victory there in the 2016 Republican primary helped propel him to the nomination, though he lost the state narrowly in the general election to Hillary Clinton.

Trump said tougher borders were needed to prevent the flow of drugs to the United States. He told the audience in Manchester, New Hampshire, that the nation needed a stronger southern border and a crackdown on sanctuary cities — including nearby Lawrence, Massachusetts — that he says supply drugs the nation’s heartland.

Trump says the nation “must get tough” with drug dealers, which includes utilizing the death penalty. He said “failure is not an option” and vowed that “addiction is not our future.”

He also vowed to help create “a generation of drug-free children.” And he complained that, under the current law, a dealer could sell a drug that could kill hundreds but only receive a short prison sentence.

Melania Trump, introducing the president, said “real progress” is being made in combating the nation’s opioid crisis because of the hard work of doctors and nurses across the country, speaking about her visits to hospitals and clinics that help children who were born addicted to opioids.