WATCH: White House holds news briefing as Nancy Pelosi concludes her Taiwan visit

Hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded her visit to Taiwan with a pledge that the American commitment to democracy on the self-governing island is “iron-clad,” the White House continued to maintain the trip “doesn’t change anything about the U.S. posture toward China and Taiwan.

Watch the briefing in the player above.

Speaking at the White House briefing Wednesday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “there’s no reason for Beijing to turn this visit … which is consistent with our policy, into some sort of crisis or to use it as a pretext to increase aggressive military activity in or around the Taiwan Strait.”

She said the White House will “monitor and … manage what Beijing chooses to do.”

Pelosi’s trip Tuesday enraged Beijing and China is preparing new shows of force in the Taiwan Strait to make clear that its claims are non-negotiable on the island it regards as a renegade province.

China claims Taiwan as its territory and opposes any engagement by Taiwanese officials with foreign governments.

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The Biden administration, and Pelosi, have said that the United States remains committed to the so-called one-China policy, which recognizes Beijing but allows informal relations and defense ties with Taipei.

Jean-Pierre also addressed OPEC+’s decision to boost oil production by a slower pace in September than in previous months, insisting the administration is focused on keeping gas prices down in the U.S.

“Reducing the price of oil in the market is the most important thing and that’s what we’re seeing and that’s what we’re going to continue to work on,” she says.

The announcement comes nearly three weeks after President Joe Biden traveled to Saudi Arabia on the possibility that he could get some additional oil production out of OPEC+. Jean-Pierre said the decision by OPEC+ does not change the White House strategy.

“We’re going to continue to do the work on the domestic and international oil producers to increase the supply of oil. It doesn’t stop with the announcement today,” she said.