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WATCH: Morrison says he was concerned about interaction with Amb. Sondland

A former White House national security official says his boss told him to “tell the lawyers” about two worrisome conversations in which a diplomat told him about blocking military aid to Ukraine.

Tim Morrison spoke on Nov. 19 as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Watch in the player above.

Tim Morrison testified at Tuesday’s House impeachment hearing about two September exchanges with Gordon Sondland.

Sondland is an envoy overseeing European Union policy who was also helping shape U.S. policy toward Ukraine.

Morrison says Sondland said he’d told a Ukrainian official that his government would have to announce investigations into President Donald Trump’s Democratic political foes to free up the U.S. military assistance.

Morrison says Sondland also told him there was no “quid pro quo,” but that Ukraine needed to announce those investigations to get the aid.

Morrison says his boss, then White House national security adviser John Bolton, told him to tell their lawyers about Sondland’s remarks.

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