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WATCH: New Jersey representative who switched parties criticizes ‘radical’ Democrats

A New Jersey congressman who switched from Democrat to Republican says he deserted his former party when it “moved from liberal to radical.”

Watch Van Drew’s remarks in the player above.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew claimed at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night that Democratic nominee Joe Biden isn’t in control of his own candidacy and “is being told what to do by the radicals running my former party.”

Van Drew broke with his party and voted against impeaching President Donald Trump — a move that bolstered GOP attempts to depict Democrats as divided on the matter. Last year, he switched parties to become a Republican in the November election, promising Trump his “undying support.”

Trump, reveling in the decision, promised to return the favor and announced that he is endorsing Van Drew for reelection, calling him “a tremendous asset for the party.”

Van Drew’s remarks came after a video montage of comments from voters who identified themselves as coming from across the political spectrum but having become Trump supporters.

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