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WATCH: Ryan thinks Biden would have better chance against Trump than other 2020 Democrats

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan said he doesn’t see “hard progressive” Democratic candidates like Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders being able to woo Rust Belt voters away from President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

“I think we can beat [Warren and Sanders] in our kinds of states,” Ryan told PBS NewsHour managing editor and anchor Judy Woodruff in an interview at the 2019 Aspen Ideas Festival.

Instead, the former Republican congressman from Wisconsin said he thinks former Vice President Joe Biden, who Ryan characterized as running a centrist-type of campaign, “probably has the better chance, but I have a hard time seeing him getting out of the primary, frankly.”

Trump won Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state, by less than one percentage point in 2016. Ryan called former manufacturing heavy-weight states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania “the secret to the electoral college.”

Ryan said he saw polarization overcoming optimism in both parties. “I don’t see hopeful, inclusive politics,” he said. “I see people kind of angry running for office. And that to me is something that we’re going to have to try and hopefully change.”

Monday on the NewsHour, watch Judy Woodruff’s interview with Paul Ryan at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Check your local listings for the time.