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President Bush’s Memo Calling for Energy Conservation

A key component of my administration’s overall commitment to make the most economical use of public dollars and to protect the environment is to improve energy conservation at federal facilities. Further, with possible electricity shortages in California and in the Northeast and Northwest this summer, the federal government should set a good example of conservation by reducing its own energy use, particularly in regions where electricity shortages may occur and during periods of peak electricity demand. Such conservation would save public money, protect the environment and help to minimize shortages.

Therefore, I hereby direct the heads of executive departments and agencies to take appropriate actions to conserve energy use at their facilities to the maximum extent consistent with the effective discharge of public responsibilities. Agencies located in regions where electricity shortages are possible should conserve especially during periods of peak demand.

In addition, agencies should review their existing operating and administrative processes and conservation programs and identify and implement ways to reduce such use. Agencies should report to me, through the secretary of energy, within 30 days from the date of this memorandum on the conservation actions taken. The agencies shall take these and other appropriate energy conservation actions using existing budget authority.

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