PBS NewsHour Nominated for Four News & Documentary Emmy Awards

ARLINGTON, VA (July 27, 2021) – PBS NewsHour today received four News & Documentary Emmy Award nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The awards will be presented during two virtual ceremonies – News categories on Tuesday, September 28 and Documentary categories on Wednesday, September 29 – streamed live on NATAS’ dedicated viewing platform powered by Vimeo, available on the web at watch.theEmmys.tv and via The Emmys apps for iOS, tvOS, Android, FireTV, and Roku. PBS programming again led the nominations, with a total of 52.

A full list of PBS NewsHour nominees with links to series coverage below:

Best Health Care?
Category: Outstanding Health or Medical Coverage

Filmed just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning, “The Best Health Care? America & the World” examines what our deeply unequal health care system might learn from other nations. In the middle of a global public health crisis, 30 million Americans have no health insurance and live in near-constant fear that one illness could send them into bankruptcy. The U.S. spends just under $4 trillion on health care every year, yet Americans still die of preventable and treatable diseases at far greater rates than people in other developed nations. This series examines the highs and lows of America’s system, and then travels to three other similar nations to see how they’ve managed to pull off what we have not: achieving universal health care for all — for less money and often with better outcomes.

Credits: Correspondent William Brangham; Producer and editor Jason Kane; Editorial producer Ashish Jha; Reporter Laura Santhanam; Senior producers Murrey Jacobson and Patti Parson; Camerapersons Devin Pinckard, Justin Mills, and Paddy Commins; Editors Bob Hartman and Hamada Hanoura; Managing editor for digital Erica Hendry; Director of product Vanessa Dennis; Senior editor for digital Molly Finnegan; UX/UI designer Chan Young Park; and executive producer Sara Just.

Searching for Justice
Category: Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newscast

Through a series of intimate reports, the PBS NewsHour explores the difficulty of life after incarceration, and the way those barriers work to discourage employment, housing, and ultimately, staying out of lockup.

Credits: Producers/editors: Frank Carlson, Sam Lane, Mike Fritz; Senior Producers: Murrey Jacobson and Emily Carpeaux; Correspondents: William Brangham, Amna Nawaz, Paul Solman, and John Yang; AL.com investigative reporter Ashley Remkus; PBS NewsHour investigative reporter/freelance journalist Liz Flock; Camerapersons Eric O’Connor, Rachel Wellford, and Jaywon Choe; Graphic artists Wesam Sorour and Daniel Davis; and executive producer Sara Just.

Desperate Journey
Category: Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newscast

The Darien Gap, which straddles northern Colombia and southern Panama, is named for the 66-mile long break of the PanAmerican highway. This vast expanse has become the nexus of one of the world’s longest, most dangerous migration routes. As Europe and the U.S. closed their doors to asylum-seekers, thousands were pushed to travel through South America to reach the U.S. But the only way to head north into Panama is by traversing one of the world’s most-hostile jungles – by foot. In this two-part series, NewsHour documented the extraordinary journey of migrants, as they converge in the Darien Gap from many places to tell the larger story of the global migration crisis.

Credits: senior foreign affairs producer Morgan Till; special correspondent Nadja Drost; producers Bruno Federico and Carlos Villalón; cameraperson Bruno Federico; and executive producer Sara Just.

Inside Venezuela
Category: Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newscast
One year after mass protests led to the rise of Opposition leader Juan Guaido and threatened to bring down Nicolas Maduro, PBS NewsHour special correspondent Marcia Biggs goes to Venezuela to find out what happened to the Opposition movement and to the humanitarian crisis that brought the country to its knees.

Credits: Correspondent/producer Marcia Biggs; Producer/editor Frank Carlson; Camera/editor Eric O’Connor; Field producer Herminia Fernandez; Senior producer Morgan Till; and executive producer Sara Just.

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