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What my Ebola scare taught me

PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien has brought Shortwave listeners and NewsHour viewers a look into the heart of West Africa’s Ebola outbreak, digging deep into the science, medicine and cutting edge research unfolding along with the crisis.

But behind the science are human beings. Doctors and their patients, victims of the outbreak and brave health workers, putting their own lives at risk. In this week’s Shortwave, we hear the voice of one of these health-workers who lost some of her closest colleagues to the disease they were fighting. Miles also shares his own close call with the virus, and tells us what it was like to wake up the day after his trip to West Africa with one, very scary symptom of the Ebola virus.

You can hear part one of our conversation with Miles here. Below is his latest video report, part of the series “Cracking Ebola’s Code,” for NewsHour.