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Jul 14

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The use of adult stem cells to treat the body, which would eliminate the ethical dilemma raised by the use of embryonic stem cells, is theoretically appealing. The larger question, however, is can adult stem cells grow into any other…

Jul 14

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Stem Cell Basics

Some have declared the research to be morally repugnant. Others have said scientists have been wildly optimistic in their promises of how treatments may help patients.

A report on the challenges and potential benefits surrounding the sometimes overlooked area of adult stem cell research and the struggle of scientists around the world to find applications for the new area of study.

The NASA spacecraft Cassini entered Saturn's orbit on Wednesday and transmitted back to earth unprecedented images of the planet's rings. Senior correspondent Ray Suarez discusses the mission with scientist Kevin Grazier from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Of the 50,000 non-native plant and animal species that have arrived in the United States from foreign countries, many are considered invasive and cost an estimated $138 billion a year in environmental and economic damage.

Scientists are learning more than ever before about the structure and properties of the Earth's crust and upper mantle -- bringing them to the brink of discoveries about earthquakes that could one day save millions of lives.

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