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Abramoff Associate Found Guilty of Felony Charges

As part of the wider Jack Abramoff lobbying probe, former chief procurement officer David Safavian was found guilty of one count of obstructing justice and three counts of lying or concealing information from investigators. A reporter covering the trial explains today's events.

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    At one time, David Safavian was chief of staff at the General Services Administration. He also served as the Bush administration's top federal procurement officer.

    But in May, Safavian became the first person to go on trial for his connections to disgraced super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who now awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to conspiracy to corrupt public officials.

    Safavian was accused of lying about a 2002 golf trip to Scotland he took with Abramoff and of trying to misrepresent their professional relationship. This morning, a jury at the federal courthouse in Washington convicted David Safavian on charges of lying and obstruction of justice.