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Amid shock and grief, New Zealand vows to tighten gun rules

The shocking massacre of 50 people attending Friday prayers at mosques in Christchurch has rocked New Zealand and the world. Authorities have revealed that the suspected shooter purchased four of his five guns online from the country’s biggest gun supplier. In response, New Zealand’s government is vowing stricter gun laws right away. John Ray of Independent Television News reports.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    We return to our top story, the aftermath of Friday's terror attack on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    As that nation reels from the massacre and the true scope of the horror comes into focus, public anger is being directed not only at the gunman and his racist ideology, but at social media companies whose platforms are used to traffic such hate.

    John Ray of Independent Television News is in Christchurch and begins our coverage.

  • John Ray:

    It is the way only New Zealand shows its strength, against an adversary that has violated everything they hold dear, some who were schoolchildren, their short lives symbolized by candles and celebrated in song by their classmates.

    There are women who mourn both children and husbands. Naeem Rashid died as he was trying to overpower the gunman, and his son, Talha who shielded another wounded worshiper.

  • Naema Khan:

    The person was trying to, move and he said in his ears: "Don't. Don't move. Stay, stay still." He wanted to save him.

  • Amber Naeem:

    He was 21. He was so — an innocent soul.

  • John Ray:

    It's now known that the prime suspect bought four of his five weapons online from New Zealand's biggest gun supplier. The government promises to reveal tougher rules within 10 days. But in a bad-tempered news conference:

  • Question:

    Do you not feel any sense of responsibility at all?

  • David Tipple:

    I think you're repeating the same question. Someone else? Someone else?

  • John Ray:

    The store's boss wouldn't talk about gun control.

  • David Tipple:

    I had my grandson comment to me: "Grand-dad, why do people think the guns are the problem? The guy was crazy."

  • John Ray:

    The failure of intelligence services to track far-right terrorism, the use of social media to spread hate, there are many seeking answers, and not just in Christchurch.

    Of the victims named so far, the youngest is 3, the oldest in their 70s. They came from 19 separate nations. So this is a calamity for New Zealand, but it reaches across many borders.

    And then there are the questions they never thought they'd ask. Alaa wonders how to break the unbearable news to the three young children of his friend, Hazama.

  • Alaa Osman:

    We will be strong, and we will get through this, but for his kids, I don't know how somebody can explain to them why their father is not around.

  • John Ray:

    As night falls, another vigil begins, a little light in the darkness.

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