An Orlando Muslim’s heartfelt words on nightclub mass shooting

Rubana Khan of Orlando, in heartfelt verse, sends apologies from her Islamic family to the families of the victims of Sunday’s mass shooting. In doing so, she lays bare the pain the killer, Omar Mateen, has caused her and other Muslims, who consider their religion one of peace, not of violence or hatred.

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    We close tonight with a personal reflection on the Orlando shooting from one of the city residents William Brangham introduced us to earlier.

  • RUBANA KHAN, Orlando Resident:

    From my family to you.

    Dear families of Pulse victims, I apologize.

    I apologize not for being a Muslim, but for the heinous act committed by a so-called Muslim. I apologize. I apologize not because my heart weeps, but because of all the hurt and agony it has caused the victims' families. I apologize.

    My deepest condolences to all the families that are affected by this monstrous act. There is no place for hatred in Islam. I apologize. I apologize not because it was the holy month of Ramadan, but because this lunatic twisted and misused the peaceful religion to carry out his own horrific act.

    Please don't judge or hate the rest of the Muslim nation. I apologize. I apologize not because I'm being judgmental towards that monster, but because loved ones will have to wait until the day comes when this monster shall be held accountable for his unforgivable deed.

    Please do not despair. I apologize. I wish you find peace of mind, knowing that they are in a better place than this world right now.

    May God bless the victims and their families. May God bless you. May God bless America.

    I apologize.


    On the "NewsHour" online right now, Margaret Warner takes a detailed look at how the Orlando shooter fell off the FBI's radar, and the dilemma for law enforcement in confronting the growing threat of homegrown terrorism.

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    And later tonight on "Charlie Rose," former Deputy FBI Director Tim Murphy also looks at the lessons learned from Orlando.


    Last night, we aired a story about the AR-15 rifle, the weapon used in several recent mass shootings. Orlando law enforcement officials had initially said that this was the same gun type used in the nightclub massacre.

    But, later, they clarified that the Orlando shooter was using a Sig Sauer MCX. That is a rifle with several similarities to the AR-15 style. The Sig Sauer was originally designed for use by U.S. special operations military forces. The "NewsHour" regrets the confusion.

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    On Thursday, we travel to Brazil, where fears over Zika are gripping A local community and international athletes ahead of the Olympics.

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