How an aspiring photographer captured Baltimore’s pain

In our NewsHour Shares video of the day, 26-year-old aspiring photographer Devin Allen shares what it feels like to see his image of Baltimore turmoil on the cover of TIME magazine.

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    Finally, to our NewsHour Shares of the Day, something that caught our eye that might be of interest to you, too.

    A view of Baltimore, from the lens of a young, local photographer.

    The latest issue of TIME Magazine features a dramatic picture shot by 26-year-old freelancer Devin Allen.

    We spoke to him today about some of the other images he captured.


    I'm from Baltimore, born and raised, my whole family's here, so it kind of sparked something in me and I felt obligated to get out there and take pictures because this is my city. I wanted to show the city, I did show some negative stuff, I showed some rowdy, some destruction of cars, but I also wanted to show the strong black men that were cleaning their neighborhoods, you know, I wanted to show the family support that we had here. You know, a lot of the kids that were out marching and protesting, I tried to show every angle. I have seen more pain than anger. You know, some people have lost their jobs, some people have lost their homes. People are being locked up. Some people feel like their rights have been violated. And it's really hard to explain all the emotions that I've been around. I'm just trying to tell their story a little bit about how I saw it.


    You can see more of Allen's story in the latest issue of TIME magazine at

    See the TIME magazine cover here.

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