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Author Examines Drug Trade, Afghan Insurgency

Author and former ABC news producer Gretchen Peters talks about her book about the drug trade in Afghanistan and Pakistan and how it is fueling the insurgency.

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    And finally tonight, the Afghan insurgency and the drug war. Margaret Warner has our story.


    Ninety percent of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan, and a hefty share of the profit fuels the Taliban-linked insurgency there, including elements tied to al-Qaida.

    The U.N. estimates the insurgency reaps $300 million to $400 million a year from the drug trade, and the U.S. believes that amounts to half to three-quarters of its total revenues.

    How does the drugs, money, insurgency network operate? Journalist and author Gretchen Peters, who spent 10 years in Afghanistan for the Associated Press and ABC News, set out to find out. The result is her new book, "Seeds of Terror: How Heroin is Bank Rolling the Taliban and al-Qaida." And she joins me now.

    Gretchen, welcome.

  • GRETCHEN PETERS, author:

    Thank you. Thank you for having me.