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British Terror Investigation Results in Australian Raids

The investigation into failed terrorist bombings in Britain has widened into the U.S. and Australia, with hospital raids in Perth and Kalgoorlie. A Washington Post reporter covering the story provides an update.

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    Mary Jordan, thanks for joining us.

    The British prime minister, Gordon Brown, said today that he — "We believe we're getting to the bottom of this cell that has been responsible for what's going on."

    How confident are British authorities now that the eight arrested so far were part of a definite terror cell?

  • MARY JORDAN, The Washington Post:

    Well, there is a lot of unusual things about this case, not just that the people arrested were doctors, and that they used cars like Mercedes, but that they have so much evidence.

    Because the bombs failed to go off, they not only have the fingerprints on the cars, but they have the mobile phones that were to be the detonators. Looking through the mobile phones, they have all kinds of phone numbers that have helped lead to some of these arrests.

    And, then, of course, they have been tracked back to the houses, where there have been scores of police combing all the houses of these people, and leading back to Australia. So, they are super-confident. I mean, when you can — you can tell, when you are in Scotland Yard, that these people feel like they have a case.


    So, when the crown prosecutor recommended late today that this Dr. Abdulla, who was in the car, be now actually formally charged, not just with the Glasgow incident, but also the — the attempted bombings in London, they have got rock-solid evidence that he was involved in both?


    Well, we'll certainly see a trial. But what they have here that other cities wouldn't have is an enormous amount of closed-circuit television. So, they can see. They have the images of the people coming out of the Mercedes in London. And they also have, on the major motorways, a vehicle registration system.

    They have cameras that basically take a picture of every license plate going up and down the major highways. And then they put it into a computer, and they have found these guys. They can track them by face and by car all over England.