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Investigators search for motive in Tennessee military shootings

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    The question today in Chattanooga, Tennessee was, what led to the deadly shootings yesterday at a military recruiting center and Navy training site?

    But, as Hari Sreenivasan reports, so far, there are few answers.


    Investigators spent the day poring over the crime scene and chasing some 70 leads.

    FBI Special Agent in Charge Ed Reinhold:

    ED REINHOLD, FBI Special Agent in Charge: FBI agents are partnering with state and locals to run down every lead that we have received. And as our team continues to develop additional information, you may see or hear about FBI activity in other areas of the state and nation.


    The four U.S. Marines killed in the attacks were identified today as Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan of Massachusetts, a two-time Purple Heart recipient, Lance Corporal Skip Wells of Georgia, Staff Sergeant David Wyatt of North Carolina, and Sergeant Carson Holmquist of Wisconsin. Three other people were wounded.

    The Kuwaiti-born naturalized American citizen, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was shot and killed by police. The 24-year-old lived in nearby Hixson, Tennessee, and by all accounts wasn't on federal law enforcement's radar. And those who knew him were stunned.

    Luke Russell is a former high school classmate.


    It's crazy to hear about — not only in your hometown. You never hear about it in your hometown, but someone you went to school with. Everyone is shocked. We are just blown away, to be honest. I can't believe it, really.


    Authorities today searched the gunman's computer for clues. They also looked into his foreign travel, but said, so far, there's no link to the Islamic State or other terror groups.


    That is a possibility that we will explore, just like any other possibility. At this time, we have no indication that he was inspired by or directed by anyone other than himself.


    In the meantime, the Army's chief of staff, General Ray Odierno, ordered a review of security at all military recruiting and reserve centers.

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