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Clinton, Obama Battle in Pa.; McCain Talks Housing

Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continued to campaign heavily in Pennsylvania ahead of its April 22 primary, while presumptive GOP nominee John McCain further outlined his economic proposals at a campaign stop in New York.

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    With several Pennsylvania polls showing Barack Obama may be chipping away at her once-sizeable lead, Hillary Clinton today moved to shore up support in the Keystone State.

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter joined Clinton at the city's west side YMCA, where the candidate unveiled a $4-billion-a-year plan to fight crime.

    SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D), New York: We'll start by setting a bold goal. As president, I intend to focus on cities with high homicide rates, and we will cut those rates in half. And we're going to look at all the causes as to why there are homicides. Some cities have more of one than the other. We know, where gangs are rampant, so are homicides. In some cities, more than half of all murders involve gangs. We know without a doubt drugs play a major role, as well, creating violence and disorder and leading to murders.

    There's also a direct correlation between the illegal gun sales and homicides. Roughly 80 percent of criminals caught with guns are not the purchasers of record.


    To help achieve that goal, Clinton said she would beef up the presence of police in urban areas.


    Too many police departments are dangerously underfunded right now. That means slower response times. It puts our families at risk, less backup, which puts our officers at risk, less capacity for officers to form relationships in the communities they patrol.