‘Count me out’: Ryan quells nomination talk

House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to make clear he has no presidential ambitions this year, even if the nomination is up for grabs at the convention. Meanwhile, Donald Trump criticized the nomination process while stumping in upstate New York and Sen. Ted Cruz suggested delegate gains made by his campaign is proof of his better organization. Judy Woodruff reports.

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    The day's major headline in the presidential race came far from the campaign's front lines. As the candidates stumped for votes, the spotlight shifted to a man who insisted he won't join the hunt, now or later.

    REP. PAUL RYAN (R-WI), Speaker of the House: I do not want, nor will I will accept the nomination for our party.


    The declaration came from House Speaker Paul Ryan in Washington: He said he's not looking to be president under any circumstances.


    Count me out.

    I simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our party, to be the president, you should actually run for it. I chose not to do this. Therefore, I should not be considered, period, end of story.


    Even that may not end the talk of turning to Ryan, especially with a contested convention looking likelier all the time.

    In Upstate New York today, front-running Donald Trump pressed to make sure it doesn't come to that, first by winning New York state's GOP primary next week, where new polls show him with a wide lead. Trump is also keeping up his running criticism of delegate selection, charging the process is rigged, and that rival Ted Cruz is stealing delegates that are rightfully his.

    DONALD TRUMP (R), Republican Presidential Candidate: I have millions of votes more, but I also have hundreds of delegates more, but that's not the same thing to me. I think the vote is the thing that you count.


    In turn, the Texas senator says he's simply better organized than Trump and, in a radio interview today, predicted a grassroots tsunami will send him to victory at the convention.

    SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX), Republican Presidential Candidate: We're seeing people who love this country coming out, and they're crawling over broken glass. It's not for me. It's not about me. It's about the country. It's about the Constitution.


    For now, Trump leads Cruz by about 200 delegates, with John Kasich well back in the count. But in New York City today, the Ohio governor warned Republicans, in a clear reference to Trump.

    GOV. JOHN KASICH (R-OH), Republican Presidential Candidate: Some feed off of the fears and anger that is felt by some of us and exploit it feed their own insatiable desires for fame or attention. That could drive America down into a ditch and not make us great again.


    Democrat Bernie Sanders also took on the Republican front-runner at a rally in Rochester.

    SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (VT-I), Democratic Presidential Candidate: When we stand together and we don't let the Trumps of the world divide us up, when we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.



    Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, campaigned in New York City, with a pitch for equal pay for women.

    HILLARY CLINTON (D), Democratic Presidential Candidate: I'm very proud that New York and California have raised the minimum wage, because nearly two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women.


    Back in Washington, President Obama appeared to boost Clinton at a new museum on women's equality. He said he wants future generations to be astonished there was a time when a woman had never been president.

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