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Cyclone Death Toll Soars as Myanmar Reels From Disaster

The estimated death toll from Saturday's cyclone in Myanmar increased to 22,000 Tuesday with 41,000 still missing and possibly 1 million left homeless, according to relief agencies. The head of the U.S. embassy in Rangoon and a reporter recap the situation.

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    We begin tonight with two updates on the deadly cyclone in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

    First, Judy Woodruff spoke earlier today with Shari Villarosa, the top U.S. diplomat in Rangoon.


    Ms. Villarosa, you're in Burma's largest city, Rangoon. The cyclone passed right over this area. Tell us what the situation is there now.

  • SHARI VILLAROSA, U.S. Embassy Burma:

    Some of the downed trees have started being removed. People report some water being restored.

    However, there's still no electricity in most of the city, other than the few people that have generators. And fuel supplies are running low, so even the possibility of generators is becoming more problematical.

    In terms of food, the prices are skyrocketing. There's not a lot food on the market. And then what is available, they have raised the prices significantly, I think causing increasing public discontent in the city, because they're not hearing anything from the government about plans to restore normal services and what's next and so people are getting increasingly desperate.

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