Heavenly music turns Missouri nuns into chart-topping stars

In our NewsHour Shares video of the day, an order of monastic nuns in rural Missouri topped Billboard’s classical music chart, their fourth consecutive No. 1 debut since 2012. The co-founder of the group offers a look at the lives of these chart-topping sisters.

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    Finally to our NewsHour Shares of the day, something that caught our eye that might be of interest to you, too.

    Just in time for Easter, an order of monastic nuns in rural Missouri topped Billboard's classical music chart, their fourth consecutive number one debut since 2012.

    Monica Fitzgibbons, co-founder of De Montfort Music, tells us how the sisters, who spend most of their time singing or being silent, manage to be chart toppers.

  • MONICA FITZGIBBONS, De Montfort Music:

    The Benedictines of Mary got into music business by chance.

    They had produced some of their homegrown sort of C.D.s, trying to drum up some donors. We found one of them, and got the idea that we wanted to hear if they actually could sing.

    The nuns say, we probably sing more than we speak.

    And they're in their chapel eight times per day singing really psalms. That's really how their life is arranged. And then they're monastic, so that means they're in silent contemplation for the majority of the day.

    The very first time they reached number one on Billboard, I could not get in touch with them because they were out plowing the field. It took a couple days for the news to get there. They were sort of detached from how high they went on the charts. Anything that could mean a peaceful situation, this has sort of become the soundtrack for that.


    That's a whole different type of sister act.