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House Starts Probe into Leadership Handling of Foley E-mails

One week after Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., resigned over explicit messages to a congressional page, the House ethics committee has launched an investigation into how the leadership handled the matter.

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    First up, the Mark Foley scandal still reverberating one week after it surfaced. Speaker Hastert got a round of applause from local supporters as he walked to the microphones in front of his district headquarters this afternoon.

    REP. DENNIS HASTERT (R-IL), Speaker of the House: Well, thank you very much.


    Hastert did not acknowledge the calls from some Republicans that he resign over his handling of former Congressman Foley's behavior. In fact, Hastert said he expects to be re-elected to his House seat and as speaker. He did, however, apologize.


    I'm deeply sorry that this has happened. And the bottom line is that we're taking responsibility, because ultimately, as someone has said in Washington before, the buck stops here.


    News of Foley's sexually explicit instant message exchanges with male former pages emerged last Friday. The Florida Republican quickly resigned, but the revelations brought new scrutiny to the relationship between members and the high school-aged pages who work for the House and Senate.


    We will do everything possible to make the program safe for the kids while they're in our care in Washington, D.C.

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