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Impact of Virginia Tech Shootings Felt Worldwide

Several of the victims in Monday's mass shooting of 32 Virginia Tech faculty and students came from other countries. The NewsHour reports on the local and international reaction to the tragedy.

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    The effects of the shootings were felt worldwide. Several of the victims came from international backgrounds. Today in London, British Prime Minister Blair offered condolences.

    TONY BLAIR, Prime Minister of Britain: I would like to express on behalf of Britain and the British people our profound sadness at what has happened and to send the American people and, most especially of course, the families of the victims our sympathy and our prayers.


    In South Korea, the sympathy was mixed with concern, after the gunman was identified as a South Korean. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said he hoped the incident won't "stir up racial prejudice."

  • CHO BYUNG-JE, Foreign Ministry Spokesman, South Korea:

    We here in Korea also were very much shocked at the horrific incident and we Korean people in the Korean government would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the victims and to the bereaved families and to the American people.


    The availability of guns in the United States also drew criticism in a number of foreign newspapers. In London, the Independent said, "It would be vain to hope that even so destructive a crime as this would cool the American ardor for guns." And in Paris, the newspaper Le Monde said such violence only taints the image of the "American dream."

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