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In Indiana, Trump lauds exchange of tax breaks for Carrier jobs

President-elect Donald Trump traveled to Indianapolis on Thursday, touting a jobs deal he said made good on a campaign promise. In the agreement, Carrier's parent company, United Technologies, will receive $7 million in state tax breaks over 10 years, in exchange for investing $16 million in its Indiana operations. The package will save 1,100 jobs; however, 600 jobs will be outsourced to Mexico.

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    President-elect Trump made his first public speech today since the election on a trip to Indiana to tout a deal that he said made good on a campaign promise.

    Mr. Trump met with Carrier workers on the floor of their Indianapolis plant today. Many of their jobs were saved because of the deal he helped broker.

    DONALD TRUMP (R), President-Elect: So many people in these other — that big, big, beautiful plant behind us, which will be even more beautiful in about seven months from now, they're so happy. They're going to have a great Christmas. That's most important.

    But, also, I just want to let all of the other companies know that we're going to do great things for business. There's no reason for them to leave anymore.


    Word of what was in the deal filtered out today. Carrier's parent company, United Technologies, will get $7 million in Indiana state tax breaks over 10 years. In exchange, the company is investing $16 million into its Indiana operations.

    That means its Indianapolis furnace plant will stay open, saving 800 jobs there. Another 300 jobs in the state will also be spared. But it's not all rosy — 600 jobs at the Indianapolis plant will still be outsourced to Mexico.

    The parent company is also sticking with plans to close a plant just two hours' drive away. Late today, Mr. Trump left Indiana for an evening rally in Ohio, kicking off what his team calls a thank you tour.

    Earlier in the day, there was transition work. Robert Gates, the former defense secretary, was spotted in Trump Tower, while, on Capitol Hill, his education secretary pick, Betsy DeVos, met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    Senate Democrats pushed to require nominees like DeVos to release tax returns before they are confirmed.

  • SEN. PATTY MURRAY (D-Wash.):

    If they have no shady business dealings or records of taking advantage of the middle class, they should be happy to have us take a look.


    And in Wisconsin, the recount requested by Green Party nominee Jill Stein began, although it's not expected to change the outcome.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead has now surpassed 2.5 million, with ballots still being counted.

    And late today, there were reports that president-elect Trump has decided who will fill a major Cabinet job. The Washington Post and CNN reported that he's chosen retired Marine General James Mattis as his secretary of defense. But a Trump spokesman said that no decision has been made yet.

    We will have a closer look at the Carrier deal in Indiana right after the news summary.

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