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Is integration important to today’s high school students?

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation decision, we asked our network of Student Reporting Labs across the nation if integration should be a national goal. Here's a sampling of what they had to say.

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  • Zane Dukes, Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, Wisconsin:

    Integration should be a goal for every school in America because it allows students to be exposed to the diversity that they’ll experience in the real world and gives them a chance to really connect with different people other than high school.

  • Hanna Hodge, Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, Wisconsin:

    Integrated schools are no doubt what we need at a national level. Students need to learn that their skin color is not the only one out in the world. Outside of school students are bound to meet people who have different backgrounds and why keep an opportunity like that away from them by keeping them locked up in a segregated school? –

  • Tamir Carter, Brooklyn Community Arts And Media High School, Brooklyn, New York:

    We have the opportunity to go to schools with mixed races. It’s just that I think people that feel comfortable going to school with people in their own race.

  • Miguel Posadas, Pflugerville High School, Pflugerville, Texas:

    You can’t show people like one culture for their whole lives and then when they see a person of another culture, they’re going to think theirs is better. It’s better to diversify and let people, let them meet new-new people so they don’t become like racist when they’re older.

  • Devin Newby, Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, Wisconsin:

    I believe that technology and advanced resources should be integrated into schools before different groups of cultures and people.

  • Alyssa Vargas, Pflugerville High School, Pflugerville, Texas:

    Integrated schools should be a national goal because diversity in schools prepares kids for future work environment by working with different races.

  • Tyler Leadholm, Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, Wisconsin:

    If you allow students to go to another school they want and don’t segregate based on race, it doesn’t need to be an issue.

  • Joseph Spence, Philip’s Academy Charter School, Newark, New Jersey:

    I think it’s really helpful if schools would be more diverse.

  • Katherine Malchow, Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, Wisconsin:

    People have so much to give depending on where they come from and who they are and you can learn so much from someone depending on their race and ethnicity and background

    The Student Reporting Labs program is part of the American Graduate project, a public media initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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