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Lieberman, Lamont Face Off in Connecticut’s Democratic Primary

Polls that once pegged Ned Lamont as a long-shot in Connecticut's Democratic primary for Senate, now have the first-time candidate ahead of incumbent Sen. Joseph Lieberman going into Tuesday's vote. But, as Gwen Ifill reported Monday, the race is far from over.

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    We want Joe! We want Joe! We want Joe!


    In its final days, Senator Joe Lieberman's race to hold onto his Connecticut Senate seat has turned into a political brawl against cable executive Ned Lamont.


    Get our troops back.


    The closely watched race turns on a fundamental dispute. Lieberman voted for and continues to defend the decision to go to war in Iraq. Lamont vociferously opposes it.

    NED LAMONT (D), Candidate for U.S. Senate: Your vote on August 8th makes a real difference. Your vote on August 8th is going to say a lot about what type of a country we have. Do you want to stay the course or do you want to change course? Do you want to keep the troops in Iraq or is it time to start bringing them home?


    For weeks, Lieberman, a three-term senator and former vice presidential nominee, has been off-balance, even though he's won much traditional support.

  • CHARLES LECONCHE, Connecticut Labor Leader:

    This is crunch time. This is about taking care of our friends, taking care of people like Joe Lieberman that has fought the fight for organized labor and working people in the state of Connecticut.