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Mexicans React to Immigration Crisis in America

Ray Suarez reports on the Mexican perspective on the border crisis with the United States.

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    And finally tonight, the immigration story as it plays on the Mexican side of the border. Ray Suarez recently visited the Mexican state of Puebla, once home to many Mexicans now living in the United States.


    The flow of hundreds of thousands of workers every year to el norte — "the north" — was not a central feature of the recently completed presidential campaign, but it would sneak into conversations about the performance of the Mexican economy in a struggling neighborhood in Mexico City.

  • MEXICAN CITIZEN (through translator):

    Many people are just on the streets. There has to be more equality, more work for everyone, so that all of us have jobs and we don't go to the United States and so that we're content here.


    In a chat with a government worker in the southern city of Toluca, who says, "Sure, it's true Mexicans need jobs, but the U.S. needs the workers."

  • JUAN MANUEL MORENO, Government Worker (through translator):

    There should be special treatment for Mexico and for the immigrants who go there to work to look for better employment options. I think Mexico needs that.


    To see what immigration looks like from Mexico, visit the southern state of Puebla, which has sent its young workers north for decades; many now head to New York. In the village of Tepeaca, Isidro Juarez owns a home and a tractor and has a little money saved. He has no regrets about his own and his children's journey north to work.

  • ISIDRO JUAREZ, Farmer (through translator):

    We were very poor. And to improve, my children had to migrate to the United States. And thanks to this, we have moved forward.

    I say this with pride, because they are responsible, hard workers. I'm very proud of them. They have sent me money, here and there, but I know how to save, and that's why we are now in the position we are in. We're not rich, but we're not poor, either. We're in the middle.

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