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Mourning 5 individuals lost to COVID-19

As yet another devastating week comes to an end, we take the time to honor individuals who have fallen victim to the novel coronavirus, including a 29-year-old father and a 60-year-old flight attendant. Judy Woodruff shares five stories.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    As yet another devastating week comes to an end, we want to take the time to honor individuals who have fallen victim to this deadly virus.

    Lilian Teret was a fighter, her daughter said. Born in Guatemala, Lilian came to the United States at 22 years old. Life wasn't easy. She woke up at 3:00 in the morning to start working, often taking on two or more jobs to support her two children.

    For 20 years, she worked in a Los Angeles County middle school cafeteria, beloved by the teachers and students for her cheerfulness. Lilian was 54 years old.

    Sixty-two-year-old James Mahoney was described by his sister as a supportive father of three and a caring doctor. He went by Charlie. And when his desire to play professional baseball didn't pan out, he turned to medicine. Charlie spent more than three decades serving his students and patients in Brooklyn, most recently as a critical care specialist for two hospitals.

    His sister said Charlie was quiet growing up, but was outgoing with his patients.

    Alex Bernard was known as Pastor Alex, an outreach pastor in Downey, California, who preached, fed, and helped others, including Mexican inmates. A program that saved Alex from drug abuse at a young age introduced him to the ministry he served for 30 years.

    With his wife, he helped others rebuild their lives. The 57-year-old was silly and compassionate, his daughter said. He was a father to eight, including four adopted children.

    Dwontreze Lovett was a big guy with a bigger heart, his mother said. Following in her footsteps, Dwontreze became a barber. He was known for the sound advice and mentoring he gave to anyone in his chair. With his 5-year-old daughter, he strived to be the father he never had.

    They loved spending time with their dogs and going to the local park in Hazelwood, Missouri. In February, he wed the love of his life in a ceremony surrounded by family. Dwontreze was 29 years old.

    Jeff Kurtzman was full of aloha, or love, his friend said, known for his warm heart and giving nature. The Los Angeles native moved to Honolulu when he turned 18. For more than three decades, Jeff worked as a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines.

    Spiritual, an adventurer, and lover of the outdoors, Jeff was also an avid photographer. Wherever he went, he had his camera with him. Jeff was 60 years old.

    And we thank all the family members who contributed to these stories. Our hearts go out to you and all those who've lost loved ones in this pandemic.

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