News Wrap: Alabama chief justice suspended for preventing same-sex marriage licenses

In our news wrap Friday, a disciplinary court in Alabama removed Chief Justice Roy Moore from office after a panel found he encouraged probate judges to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples. After his suspended term ends, he will be too old to run again. Also, federal investigators in Hoboken, New Jersey, have recovered one of the two recorders from the commuter train that crashed Thursday.

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    In the day's other news: A disciplinary court in Alabama suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore over gay marriage. The panel found he encouraged probate judges to deny marriage licenses for same-sex couples. The U.S. Supreme Court had said there is a fundamental right to marry. Moore is suspended for the remainder of his elected term through 2019. After that, he will be too old to run again, under state law.

    Federal investigators in Hoboken, New Jersey, have recovered one of the two black box recorders from a wrecked commuter train. The train smashed through a barrier and into a station waiting area yesterday. One person was killed and more than 100 were hurt. The recorders should have data on the train's speed, braking and other conditions in the moments before the crash.

    The United Nations appealed today for a new truce in the Syrian city of Aleppo. But heavy fighting continued, and Syrian and Russian airstrikes blasted more of the city into ruins.

    We have a report from Alex Thomson of Independent Television News.


    In rebel-held East Aleppo, the agony continues. It can't be independently verified, but he says Russian jets dropped a thermobaric bomb. Six were killed, six injured, six missing, another airstrike in the besieged east of the city, desperate to get out from this. But hands are all the rescuers have.

    Finally, he's out, more or less intact.

  • RICK BRENNAN, World Health Organization:

    The situation really is unfathomable. According to health officials there, there've been 338 deaths in the last couple of weeks due to the bombardment, including 106 children.


    South, to the countryside near Damascus itself, where people held a street protest in solidarity with those in Aleppo, burning the Russian flag. The posters say Putin is a war criminal. In the grinding violence of Syria, street action like this, where the revolution began, looks almost quaint six years on.


    The New York Times reports Secretary of State John Kerry voiced frustration over the Obama administration's approach to Syria speaking on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last week, Kerry said he advocated for more military action, but lost that argument.

    In the Philippines, outspoken President Rodrigo Duterte drew new criticism today for comparing his war on drugs to Adolf Hitler's extermination of Jews. Since Duterte took office in July, more than 3,000 suspected dealers and users have been killed, often vigilante-style. But he suggested that's just the beginning.


    Now there is three million, what is it, three million drug addicts. There are. I would be happy to slaughter them. At least, if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have me.


    The World Jewish Congress, the government of Germany, and others condemned the remark.

    Europe's Rosetta spacecraft ended its historic mission to a comet today. Ground controllers crashed the probe after surveying the surface up close for two years. Animation showed Rosetta flying closer and closer before its final collision. It had collected vast amounts of data, and even sent a lander to the comet's surface in 2014.

    There's new guidance on Zika for couples planning pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now say men who've been exposed to the virus should wait six months, instead of eight weeks. It also warns against travel to 11 additional Southeast Asian countries where Zika is present. That includes Thailand, which today confirmed its first cases of birth defects caused by Zika.

    Banks and energy stocks led Wall Street higher today. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 164 points to close at one 18308. The Nasdaq rose nearly 43 points, and the S&P 500 added 17.

    And several governors in Japan have joined a campaign for men to shoulder the burden of child care and housework, literally. A new video shows them wearing 16-pound vests to simulate being seven months pregnant. After grocery shopping, hoofing up stairs and folding laundry, one says he finally understands what his wife put up with. In Japan, women do five times the housework that men do.

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