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News Wrap: CDC finds 1 in 5 adults in U.S. has a disability

In our news wrap Thursday, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 53 million Americans are living with a disability. Rates are highest in Southern states and higher among Black and Hispanic adults. Also, the Senate sent a bill to President Obama authorizing a three-month patch in funding for the nation’s highways and transit systems.

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     The Senate sent legislation to the president today authorizing a three-month patch to fund the nation’s highways and transit systems.  The Highway Trust Fund was set to run dry on July 31.  A bipartisan Senate deal for a six-year funding bill made it through the Senate this morning, but it has little support in the House.

    The co-sponsors of that bill were Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe and Democrat Barbara Boxer of California.  She laid blame on the House for leaving town without a long-term solution.

  • SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D), California:

     They should have stayed another week, because there are several things they could do.  One, they can write their own bill.  Two, they can take up our bill.  And, three, they could do just a very small bill and we can get to conference.  I would have preferred that, because I hate the idea of another short-term extension.


     This marks the 34th extension Congress has passed since 2009.  And it kicks negotiations into the fall.  We will have a look at how one state, Oregon, is dealing with the dwindling road funds later in the program tonight.


     The U.S. economy expanded in the second quarter of this year, boosted by solid consumer spending.

    The Commerce Department reported the gross domestic product grew to 2.3 percent annual rate, but Wall Street primarily paid attention to corporate earnings reports today and ended the day mostly flat.  The Dow Jones industrial average lost five points to close at 17746.  The Nasdaq rose 17 points and the S&P 500 added a fraction of a point.


     One out of every five adults in the U.S. has a disability, meaning the total number of Americans living with a disability is 53 million.  The new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives a state-by-state look at disability types.  Among the findings, the highest percentage of people with disabilities are in the South.  Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee ranked highest.  And black and Hispanic adults are more likely to have a disability than whites.


    “Rolling Stone” magazine’s managing editor is stepping down after 19 years.  Will Dana’s departure is the latest fallout from a November 2014 article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia.  The piece was later retracted and has been widely discredited.

    Yesterday, three members of the fraternity at the center of the accusations filed a defamation lawsuit against “Rolling Stone” and the article’s author.


     In Afghanistan, the Taliban confirmed the death of their longtime leader, Mullah Omar, and they appointed his successor.  Omar’s deputy, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, was elevated to lead the group by the Taliban’s supreme council.  But that put a second round of peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban on hold, as they assessed the new leadership.


     Hundreds of migrants from the Mediterranean stormed the Channel Tunnel that links France and Britain today.  Riot police were deployed to the northern French port town of Calais to secure the passageway.  British Prime Minister David Cameron warned his country won’t become a — quote — “safe haven” for migrants.

    Cordelia Lynch of Independent Television News has our report.


     Crawling through a small hole in a fence, this is how many migrants get around the railside defenses before they make a perilous walk to the Channel Tunnel along the train tracks.

    This scene is played out throughout the day, but navigating their way to a better life is fraught with risk.  It’s a continuous game of cat and mouse.  Many have fled war, but they can’t escape conflict.  The migrant problem has been rumbling for 20 years, simmering beneath it, a standoff between both sides of the channel.  Some in France believe they’re being asked to do Britain’s dirty work.

    It’s beginning to look like a toxic game of political football.  The British solution is more fences and more police, and yet still the migrants come.  It seems all that’s on offer is a short-term fix for an intractable problem; 120 gendarme and riot police have been sent to the tunnel.  But the man coordinating the response believes the answer is political.

  • MAN (through interpreter):

     The solution is not a police solution or forces, police or different things, administrative.  The solution is political.


     But there are clear battle lines being drawn, and it’s claiming lives, 10 since June.  Thousands more died just trying to get here.


     Some 3,000 migrants are believed to be living in a makeshift camp near the Channel Tunnel’s entrance.


     The only man sentenced to die for the 1993 bombings in Mumbai, India, was executed by hanging today.  Yakub Memon was convicted in 2007 for helping to raise funds to carry out India’s deadliest terror attack; 257 people were killed.  The blasts hit the Mumbai Stock Exchange, three hotels, and multiple other sites over a two-hour period. Human rights groups protested the execution.  India’s legal system allows capital punishment in the rarest of the rare cases.


     A sweltering heat wave had its grip on much of the Middle East today, with temperatures more than 25 degrees above normal.  The heat was so extreme, the Iraqi government declared a four-day holiday, beginning today, to keep people indoors as temperatures topped 122 degrees.  Some Baghdad residents beat the heat by taking advantage of water misters at local markets, while others took a dip in the Tigris River.

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