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News Wrap: Israel suspends ties with 12 countries that supported UN condemnation

In our news wrap Monday, more fallout from Friday’s U.N. Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlement building. Israel confirmed it has suspended working ties with 12 nations that backed the resolution. Also, President-elect Trump tweeted his own criticism of the U.N, saying it has great potential but is currently “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time.”

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    There is more fallout tonight from that U.N. Security Council vote on Friday which condemned Israel's building of settlements.

    The Israelis confirmed today that they have suspended working ties with 12 of the nations that backed the resolution. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not meet with their foreign ministers, and the Israeli foreign minister will not receive their ambassadors.

    Meanwhile, President-elect Trump again tweeted his own criticism of the United Nations this evening. He said, it has great potential, but for now it's — quote — "just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time." And he added, "So sad."

    Mr. Trump had urged the Obama administration to veto the Israel resolution, instead of abstaining.

    This has been a day of mourning in Russia for the victims of a military plane crash that killed 92 people. The plane went down Sunday morning, just minutes after taking off from the southern city of Sochi, en route to Syria. Today, divers pulled fragments of the plane out of the Black Sea, and a massive search operation continued as investigators searched for a cause.

  • MAXIM SOKOLOV, Transport Minister, Russia (through translator):

    As we know, the main causes so far do not include an act of terrorism. So we think that the reason for the crash could be a technical fault or a pilot error, but I repeat it will be clarified by the investigation of a Ministry of Defense special technical commission.


    The Russian intelligence agency FSB said today it has found no signs pointing to sabotage or terror in the crash.

    In Syria, Russian troops say they have uncovered mass graves in eastern Aleppo since its recapture from rebels. The Defense Ministry said today that several dozen bodies were found, victims of torture and mutilation. The Russians sent military police into eastern Aleppo after helping the Syrian government retake the city.

    And there's word that China's 1st Aircraft Carrier Group has sailed past Taiwan and into the contested South China Sea. The Chinese warships passed islands controlled by Taiwan in a show of force. Beijing says it's a routine exercise, but it comes amid rising tensions over Taiwan's status.

    The Philippines faced widespread power outages and evacuations today, after a powerful Christmas typhoon. Typhoon Nock-ten made landfall overnight, killing six people and forced nearly 400,000 to flee. Five provinces lost power completely as winds of more than 100 miles an hour tore through power lines and damaged homes.

  • WOMAN (through translator):

    The water from the streets became so strong, it came into our house.

  • MAN (through translator):

    I told my family to evacuate and leave our belongings behind. We needed to save our lives first.


    The typhoon disrupted Christmas celebrations in Asia's largest Catholic nation, and stranded some 12,000 holiday travelers.

    Blizzard conditions in the Dakotas kept major highways closed today and knocked out power through Nebraska and Iowa. Heavy snow, ice and winds moved in over the Christmas weekend, forcing authorities to post several no-travel warnings. Forecasters expect the storm to move into the Northeast later in the week.

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