News Wrap: Rohingya Muslim refugee camps devastated by cyclone

In our news wrap Wednesday, a tropical cyclone that tore through southern Bangladesh has left thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees in ruined camps. Having fled persecution in Myanmar, many have lost what little they had when the storm hit. Also, there's word that ousted FBI Director James Comey is expected to testify that President Trump pressured him to drop the probe of Michael Flynn.

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    In the day's other news: There's word that ousted FBI Director James Comey will testify that the president pressured him to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn. The fired national security adviser is under scrutiny over his Russia ties. CNN and The Wall Street Journal report that Comey is expected to tell that to the Senate Intelligence Committee as early as next week.

    And the House Intelligence Committee today issued subpoenas for Flynn, the president's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and others.

    President Trump today promised a decision "very soon" on whether the U.S. will quit the Paris accord on climate change. The White House wouldn't confirm news reports that he is likely to withdraw, but will leave open the possibility of reversing his decision.

    We will take a closer look at this, and the day's many reactions, later in the program.

    A tropical cyclone that tore through Southern Bangladesh has left thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees in ruined camps. They had fled persecution in Myanmar and were living in flimsy shelters when the storm struck Tuesday, killing seven people. Authorities evacuated 350,000 permanent coastal residents, but most of the refugees stayed behind. Now, many have lost what little they had.

  • ABUL KASHEM, Rohingya Refugee (through interpreter):

    Yesterday, the storm destroyed my house. My son and daughter were injured. They are in a hospital. I was also injured. The roof has fallen on my chest. Now I don't have any food and no money to repair my house.


    The refugees spent last night exposed to the rain, waiting for outside aid to arrive.

    There's word that President Trump has invited other countries' leaders to call him on his private cell phone. The Associated Press and others report that this is raising concerns about holding sensitive conversations on unsecured lines. The reports say that Mr. Trump has given his cell number to the leaders of Mexico, Canada and France.

    Ivanka Trump's fashion line is facing calls to cut ties with a shoe supplier in China. That's after the arrests of three activists who had investigated labor abuses. The Democratic National Committee and Amnesty International both called today for the Trump brand to respond. The company declined comment.

    Separately, China has delayed enforcement of a new cyber-security law. It requires that foreign companies face government security checks and that they store their data inside China. That drew widespread complaints that it violates free trade agreements and opens the door to Chinese government snooping.

    On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 20 points to close at 21008. The Nasdaq fell four points, and the S&P 500 slipped one.

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