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News Wrap: Suicide bombers kill dozens in Iraq

In our news wrap Monday, Islamic State suicide bombers killed nearly 60 people and wounded more than 100 others in Diyala Province. Also, More than 1,400 migrants fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan were rescued in various Coast Guard operations off Greece.

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    This was a day of bombings and bloodshed in three major countries across the Muslim world. In Iraq, Islamic State suicide bombers killed nearly 60 people and wounded more 100 others. The attackers struck after nightfall in Diyala province, just over 30 miles northeast of Baghdad.


    And in Afghanistan, Taliban suicide bombers struck again, killing at least five people and wounding 16 outside Kabul's international airport. The blast at a busy roundabout followed Friday's attacks that killed nearly 50.

    And the Afghan president demanded a crackdown today on Taliban elements based in neighboring Pakistan.

  • PRESIDENT ASHRAF GHANI, Afghanistan (through interpreter):

    If Pakistan doesn't have the capacity to bring them to the table, they have this capacity to stop their activities, to close their offices, to bring the insurgents to justice, and to not allow their wounded to be treated in the hospital.


    President Ghani also spoke by phone with Secretary of State John Kerry to express his concern.


    The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, came under fire today as attacks rocked that country. Investigators said two women belonging to a far-left radical group shot at the consulate. Witnesses said police wounded one of the attackers after she refused to surrender.

  • MAN (through interpreter):

    It was about 6:30 in the morning. We heard the sound of gunfire. The woman and the police officer started clashing. I guess the woman was an amateur because she had dropped her ammunition clip. She was throwing what looked like stones. The officer shouted at her once or two times, "Lay down, lay down."


    No one else was hurt there, but three militants and two policemen died in a car bombing and gun battle at a police station in Istanbul. Elsewhere, a roadside bomb killed four Turkish police officers. It all came amid a government crackdown on Islamic State, Kurdish elements and far-left militants.


    Migrants fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan arrived by the hundreds in Greece this weekend. Coast Guard vessels rescued more than 1,400 people in dozens of operations. Meanwhile, a policeman on Kos Island pulled a knife and struck migrants as tempers flared in a crowd waiting for immigration papers.


    Back in this country, the governor of Colorado declared a disaster today after a major toxic spill, this as word came that the disaster is far worse than it first appeared.

    The Environmental Protection Agency has now confirmed the spill totals three million gallons, three times larger than initially estimated. The mix of heavy metals, including arsenic and lead, has transformed the Animas River into mustard-colored soup.

  • MAN:

    It's definitely not how the river is supposed to look. It's already hard enough to catch fish in the Animas, and you know this stuff, it's definitely not good for them, going to kill a lot of these fish off.


    It started Wednesday, when an EPA team accidentally released contaminated water from the abandoned Gold King Mine north of Silverton, Colorado. It spewed into the Animas and headed downstream. The tainted torrent has now traveled south more than 100 miles, flowing into New Mexico, where the Animas meets the San Juan River.

    New Mexico's governor, Susana Martinez, yesterday got an aerial view of the contamination in Farmington.


    You can't even describe it. It's like when I flew over the fires. And you see something that your mind isn't ready or adjusted to see.


    The EPA says it doesn't expect a major effect on wildlife. And because utilities closed their intake valves, there's no sign that drinking water has been contaminated. Still, homeowners like Rosemary Hart are frustrated.

    ROSEMARY HART, Farmington homeowner: I'm here on my property, and I cannot shower. I cannot cook. I cannot do anything with the water from my water well.


    Adding to the frustration, it took the EPA a full day to notify communities of the spill. Now the yellow flow is heading west toward Lake Powell in Utah, a popular tourist destination, and EPA officials have yet to indicate how long cleanup will take.

    The agency has offered free water testing for some domestic wells along the course of the spill.


    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett announced his company's biggest deal ever today. Berkshire Hathaway will buy Precision Castparts, an aerospace and industrial company, for $37 billion.

    That news, plus a rise in oil prices, sent Wall Street surging. The Dow Jones industrial average gained more than 240 points to close above 17600. The Nasdaq rose 58 points, and the S&P 500 added 26.


    And Google will become part of a new holding company known as Alphabet. The search giant unveiled the change in operating structure after the markets closed. The switch will take place later this year, and Google's stock will automatically be converted to Alphabet stock.

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