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News Wrap: Trump administration reviewing U.S. nuclear policy

In our news wrap Tuesday, a senior official with the president's National Security Council said the White House is evaluating whether the longstanding U.S. goal of a world without nuclear weapons remains "realistic." Also, Northern Ireland marked the death of Martin McGuinness, the one-time commander of the Irish Republican Army who ultimately made peace.

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    In the day's other news: Wall Street took its worst losses of the year amid investor angst over the Russia investigation, the health care fight and the implications for President Trump's larger agenda. The Dow Jones industrial average lost nearly 238 points, to close at 20, 668. The Nasdaq fell 107 points, and the S&P gave up 29.

    The Trump administration signaled today it's reviewing the longstanding U.S. goal of a world without nuclear weapons. Christopher Ford, who is a senior official at president's National Security Council, said that the White House is evaluating if that remains — quote — "realistic."

    He also said that, pending a review, the U.S. will strictly adhere to the Iran nuclear deal that President Trump has previously condemned.

    Northern Ireland today marked the death Of Martin McGuinness, one-time commander of the Irish Republican Army who ultimately made peace. A funeral procession snaked through Londonderry, as remembrances poured in.

    Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair worked with McGuinness to achieve Northern Ireland's 1998 peace accords.

  • TONY BLAIR, Former British Prime Minister:

    The same fierceness that he bought to the armed struggle, he then brought to the cause of peace. And he was determined to give Northern Ireland a different future from the past that he had grown up in. And that leadership and the courage in bringing his movement with him was, for me, and will be the defining legacy of Martin McGuinness.


    McGuinness was deputy first minister in Northern Ireland from 2007 until he resigned in January due to a rare heart condition. Martin McGuinness was 66 years old.

    President Trump signed a bill today that makes human exploration of Mars a priority. It's part of a NASA funding bill. The Oval Office ceremony included senators, congressmen and former astronauts. Mr. Trump said the new law reaffirms the space agency's core mission.

    And this was the first ever National Rosie the Riveter Day. Events across the country today paid tribute to women who worked in American factories and shipyards during World War II. Most are now in their 80s and 90s. They redefined gender roles in the workplace after male workers went off to war.

    Bless them.

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