News Wrap: Trump names federal court nominees

In our news wrap Monday, President Trump released a slate of 10 conservative judicial nominees as he begins to fill more than 120 federal court vacancies. Also, Pentagon officials have confirmed that a military raid last month killed the leader of the Islamic State's affiliate in Afghanistan.

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    In the day's other news: A federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, heard arguments over President Trump's revised travel ban. It's the first time it's been scrutinized at the appellate level since the ban was reworked in March. The judges are examining a ruling that blocks the administration from suspending new visas for people from six Muslim-majority countries.

    Meanwhile, at today's Senate hearing in Washington, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates took heat from Republicans for refusing to carry out the president's original executive order. The move ultimately led to her firing.

  • SEN. JOHN CORNYN, R-Texas:

    I find it enormously disappointing that you would countermand the executive order of the president of the United States because you happened to disagree with it as a policy matter.

  • SALLY YATES, Former Acting U.S. Attorney General:

    I looked at this. I made a determination that I believed it was unlawful. I also thought that it was inconsistent with the principles of the Department of Justice, and I said no. And that's what I promised you I would do. And that's what I did.


    And we will have excerpts from today's appeals court hearing in Richmond later in the program.

    President Trump is now working to put his own stamp on the nation's federal court system. Today, he released a slate of 10 conservative judicial nominees. More will be announced in the months to come, with more than 120 vacancies still in need of being filled. All of his judicial nominees will require Senate confirmation.

    In France, president-elect Emmanuel Macron appeared alongside his predecessor a day after a resounding victory over rival Marine Le Pen. Macron and Francois Hollande presented a united front at a ceremony marking the end of World War II at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris.

    We will take a closer look at that election, and what a Macron presidency may mean for Europe, later in the program.

    Pentagon officials have confirmed that a military raid last month killed the leader of the Islamic State's affiliate in Afghanistan. The joint Afghan and U.S. operation targeted the eastern province of Nangarhar. Two U.S. Army Rangers also died. The Pentagon said that Abdul Haseeb Logari ordered a March attack on a hospital in Kabul that killed or wounded more than 100 people.

    Former President Barack Obama is urging members of Congress to look beyond party lines when it comes to the future of health care. Mr. Obama weighed in on the issue last night after receiving the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in Boston. It's the first time he's spoken out since the Republican-led House voted Thursday to repeal his Affordable Care Act.


    It actually doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential. But it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick.


    The GOP's Obamacare replacement faces a more uncertain fate in the Senate, where it's expected to undergo major revisions.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law banning so-called sanctuary city policies in his state. The measure allows Texas police officers to question the legal status of anyone they stop. Sheriffs who don't comply with federal immigration agents could face jail time. Abbott gave no advance notice before signing the bill on Facebook Live last night. It goes into effect September 1.

  • GOV. GREG ABBOTT, R-Texas:

    Elected officials and law enforcement agencies don't get to pick and choose which laws they will obey. There are consequences, deadly consequences, to not enforcing the law.


    The Trump administration has threatened to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities.

    The country's largest TV station operator, Sinclair Broadcast Group, has agreed to buy rival Tribune Media. The deal is valued at $3.9 billion, but is still subject to regulatory approval. If approved, Sinclair would own more than 200 stations nationwide.

    And trading was light on Wall Street today. The Dow Jones industrial average gained five points to close at 21012. The Nasdaq rose nearly two points and the S&P 500 added a fraction of a point.

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