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News Wrap: Trump says Obama should have done more to stop Russian election meddling

In our news wrap Wednesday, President Donald Trump charged again that former President Obama should have done more about Russian meddling in the 2016 election, while also questioning why his Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not investigating Democrats in the probe. Also, cities and towns across the nation's midsection faced severe flooding from heavy rain and melting snow.

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  • Judy Woodruff:

    In the day's other news-President Trump charged again that President Obama should have done more about Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He also questioned why his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is not investigating Democrats.

    Meanwhile, House and Senate Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer called for giving the FBI $300 million to fight any meddling in year's midterm elections.

    Cities and towns across the nation's midsection faced severe flooding today from heavy rain and melting snow. Rivers overflowed in Michigan, Indiana and parts of Illinois, submerging roads and neighborhoods. In Goshen, Indiana, overnight, crews used boats to rescue people from their homes. And in Arkansas, a school bus had to be abandoned today, and a dozen students rescued.

    In Syria, the carnage raged on in a major assault on rebel-held suburbs east of Damascus. Human rights monitors now say more than 300 people have been killed just since Sunday, and doctors say they are overwhelmed. Government airstrikes and artillery are blasting the area, and humanitarian groups warned today it's a catastrophe in the making.

  • Paul Donohoe:

    People are terrified. We know that many are seeking shelter in basements and in dug-out makeshift shelters. We know that children are facing the brunt of this crisis, and we are very, very worried for the safety of everyone.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    Meanwhile, in the north of Syria, Turkey vowed again to continue its offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters around Afrin. It also repeated a warning that it will attack fighters allied with Syria's government if they try to aid the Kurds.

    New details today on the deadly wreck of an Amtrak train that carried dozens of Republican congressmen. The train slammed into a garbage truck on tracks in rural Virginia last month. Now the National Transportation Safety Board says the truck had tried to cross after the safety gates came down. One of the workers on the truck was killed in the crash.

    The president's eldest son is rejecting criticism that he's profiting from his father being in office. Donald Trump Jr. is on a weeklong business trip to India that's raised conflict of interest questions. But he told India's CNBC affiliate that his family is actually missing out on opportunities.

  • Donald Trump Jr.:

    When people talk about it these days, it's profiteering from the presidency and all this nonsense. It's like, wait a minute, I can't do deals? I have spent over a decade creating relationships.

    And we could do so many more, and we are not doing those. But no one wants to talk about those kind of deals. It's sort of a shame, because we put on all these impositions on ourselves, but essentially got no credit for actually doing that and for doing the right thing.

  • Judy Woodruff:

    The president's son is marketing Trump brand luxury homes in India. As president-elect, the elder Trump had pledged that his real estate business would conduct no new deals while in office.

    Questions today about whether first lady Melania Trump sponsored her parents for legal resident status in the United States. It's a process that President Trump has condemned as — quote — "chain migration."

    The Washington Post reports that the Slovenian nationals have their green cards, and will soon become U.S. citizens. The report quotes immigration experts as saying that Mrs. Trump's sponsorship appears to be — quote — "the only reasonable way" that could happen.

    On Wall Street today, stocks swooned late after minutes from the Federal Reserve Board's latest meeting signaled more interest rate hikes. The Dow Jones industrial average lost nearly 167 points to close at 24,797. The Nasdaq fell 16 points, and the S&P 500 slipped almost 15.

    And at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, an important day for American skiers. Jessica Diggins won the first U.S. gold medal ever in cross- country skiing. And Lindsey Vonn took bronze in the women's downhill. At 33, she's the oldest woman ever to medal in alpine skiing.

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