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Pa. Hospitals Test ‘Warranty’ on Patient Care

The Geisinger hospital system in Pennsylvania has developed a new approach to health care management, including a 90-day "warranty" on certain procedures. Betty Ann Bowser reports.

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    We turn to the story now of how one health care system in Pennsylvania altered its model of care and had a big impact. The program makes use of some of the ideas now being considered at the federal level.

    The NewsHour's health correspondent, Betty Ann Bowser, has our report. The Health Unit is a partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • BETTY ANN BOWSER, NewsHour Correspondent:

    John Rushton is looking forward to the day when he'll be able to ride his bike to work again. The 62-year-old recently underwent open heart surgery. So far, he's recovering with no complications at his home in Kingston, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Karen, at his side.


    This is the Endora. That's for your high blood pressure.


    But if a problem does develop in 90 days following his bypass-grafting surgery, the hospital where Rushton had the operation guarantees it will fix the problem for no additional charge to him or his insurance company.


    I think the concept is great. You have the surgery done. You don't worry about, well, if I have to go back, what do I have to do as far as insurances and everything?