Peaceful protests halt traffic in Hong Kong, test China’s governance – Part 1

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    Protests grew in Hong Kong and brought parts of the city to a standstill for a fifth day. And there was no sign that the pro-democracy student-led demonstrations will stop anytime soon.

    Lucy Watson of Independent Television News has this report from Hong Kong.


    There is little that this huge crowd won't endure. The umbrella revolution and the fight for freedom is unrelenting. It's an unprecedented display of defiance, people in every direction taking over a city. There is strength in numbers, but also in individuals. Three days ago, Gary Lee was an ordinary student. Now he's rousing an historic crowd.

  • GARY LEE, Protester Organizer:

    Everybody put your cell phone lights on, cell phone, the lights on.


    "To fulfill our dream, we will sacrifice everything," they sing. They want their current leader, C.Y. Leung, to step down and to elect another freely, demands they refuse to give up on.


    Never see the end. Never see the end, because this fight will — forever.


    This is a powerful body of people with a life of its own, and nobody quite knows what direction it will take next. But the Hong Kong government and Beijing won't tolerate this mass civil disobedience for long. It's now a test of nerves.

    And as China's President Xi Jinping prepares for the country's National Day tomorrow, this is a direct challenge to his governance.

  • ELIZA LEE, Political Analyst:

    They were not expecting the Occupy Central movement opposition to become, I mean, what is now a popular uprising. And they worry that people are going to imitate this.


    Threats the Communist Party is unlikely to respond well to. But while there is persistence, there is hope here.

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