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Presidential Race Off to Early Start

The presidential primary races show diverse candidates polling high. The NewsHour reports on the issues of race and gender in the 2008 presidential election.

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    Senator Obama arrived in an Iowa where the caucus campaign was already well under way. That puts heavy demands on a small state with a big field of candidates. There are offices that have to be rented, phones to be installed, volunteers to be recruited, and political pros to be hired, the kind of people who make a caucus campaign go.

    SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D), Illinois: I stand before you today…


    Obama supporters at Iowa State in Ames got together at the student union to watch the Obama campaign kickoff. In a small state, big schools are a rich target for organizers.

  • CHRIS MACKENZIE, Obama Supporter:

    Because the students are such a large proportion of the population in Ames, that we do really have an affect on who ends up getting their caucus votes.


    The active and committed, like Chris Mackenzie, are looking for young voters ready to pick a candidate, like Kelsey Nation.


    I don't know much about politics, but since I was old enough to vote, just seeing what was out there and seeing names, and names after name after name, and this is just something that just popped out at me, and so I started paying attention. I mean, I saw him on the Oprah show. He's just — his name is getting out there, and it's interesting.