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Remembering Leila Alaoui, photographer who crossed borders

When al-Qaida militants attacked a hotel in Burkina Faso, killing 30, one of the victims was an Amnesty International worker and photographer named Leila Alaoui. Aida Alami, a close friend, talked to the NewsHour from Alaoui's funeral.

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  • Gwen Ifill:

    Finally tonight, a young life dedicated to capturing beauty cut short by violence.

    Al-Qaida militants attacked a hotel in Burkina Faso on Friday. Thirty people were killed, including two who worked for Amnesty International.

    One of the Amnesty workers was a French-Moroccan photographer named Leila Alaoui.

    Earlier today, we spoke with one of Alaoui’s closest friends, Aida Alami, who is also a journalist. We reached her by phone at Alaoui’s funeral in Marrakesh, Morocco.

  • Aida Alami, Friend of Leila Alaoui:

    And I walked in, and there were, like, 40 people in her living room, and she was making dinner for — I mean, lunch for them. I mean, she was just very intense about all her subjects.

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