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Rising virus cases in many states could mean new restrictions

More states are setting records for coronavirus infections and deaths, with some moving toward implementing restrictions as a result. California, Florida and Texas are a trio of high-population hot spots, reporting 30,000 new cases among them on Monday alone. And school districts in Houston, Los Angeles and San Diego have decided to offer only online learning this fall. Lisa Desjardins reports.

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  • Amna Nawaz:

    The relentless rise of COVID-19 cases has dominated another day in the summer of 2020. More states are setting records for infections and deaths, and more are moving to curb activities again.

    Lisa Desjardins reports on the day's developments.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    In Florida, the deadliest day yet from the coronavirus, with 132 deaths, a 10 percent increase from its previous record.

    Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has defended reopening, but, today, he sounded a somber note.

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis:

    People are apprehensive. People are hurting. This virus has affected every Floridian's life in one way or another.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    Florida is part of a trio of high-population hot spots, along with California and Texas. Those three states reported 30,000 new virus cases yesterday alone, this as local leaders across the country are rethinking their moves to reopen.

    Officials outside Houston in Fort Bend County, Texas, have decided school this fall will open with online learning only.

  • Jacquelyn Johnson Minter:

    We cannot tell this virus what we will and will not do. The virus will teach us what is safe and what is prudent to do.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    In California, the same decision with even more impact. Officials in Los Angeles and San Diego announced classrooms will stay closed, online learning only, when school starts. That affects more than 800,000 students.

  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti:

  • Eric Garcetti:

    We have never had as many people infected or infectious. We have never had as many recorded positive cases each day. And we have never had as many people in the hospital as there are tonight, as I speak to you, in Los Angeles.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    But there is divide.

    Outside of Los Angeles, protesters for and against gathered as the Orange County School Board recommended that classrooms reopen next month without masks or social distancing.

    On the opposite coast, the opposite direction. The city of Philadelphia took a dramatic preventative step today. Mayor Jim Kenney announced all large public events in the city are canceled through February of next year.

  • Jim Kenney:

    What we are doing here is following medical advice, which I think every city and state in the nation should have, and we wouldn't be in the situation that we see resurging.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    In Louisiana, where cases are again mounting, Governor John Bel Edwards has mandated face masks for all residents in public.

    Vice President Pence visited the state today to encourage emergency workers.

  • Vice President Mike Pence:

    Keep up the great work, OK?

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    Meanwhile, the White House's testing czar pushed back at some retweets sent by President Trump accusing health officials of lying.

    Admiral Brett Giroir spoke to NBC.

  • Brett Giroir:

    We may occasionally make mistakes, based on the information we have, but none of us lie.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the administration's top disease expert, whom President Trump has criticized, was asked in an online forum whom Americans should trust, and back to the experts.

  • Anthony Fauci:

    I would stick with respected medical authorities who have a track record of telling the truth, who have a track record of giving information and policy and recommendations based on scientific evidence and good data.

  • Lisa Desjardins:

    Fauci also alluded to some good news on the vaccine front. Researchers reported that the first U.S. tests of one vaccine did, in fact, boost immune systems, a positive sign, but just one of many steps and months of further tests ahead.

    Abroad, India has seen confirmed infections explode, with 100,000 new cases in just four days. The country has the third highest global tally.

    And, in Australia, the government is imposing tougher penalties for people who violate quarantine. In Queensland State, the penalty for breaking the rules will now be up to six months in jail.

    For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm Lisa Desjardins.

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