Rocking out to Ray at the White House

The White House was rocking Thursday night with a tribute to the music of the late Ray Charles. Even President Obama got a chance to stretch his vocal cords by leading a sing-along to one of the blues great’s famous tunes.

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    The White House was rocking last night with a tribute to the music of Ray Charles. President Obama even took the microphone.

    Here's a peek at the evening.



    Hope you had a great time. Thank you!



    And you can tune in tonight for the entire show, "In Performance at the White House." That's on most PBS stations.

    An update to a story that aired last night.

    Tijuana, Mexico's police chief, Alejandro Lares, resigned today after he was asked to leave by city officials. This comes one day after an investigation aired here on the "NewsHour" by public TV station KPBS looking at the city's strategy, arrests and police raids of homeless migrants.

    On the "NewsHour" online: For food and travel lovers, the ultimate experience is being able to eat like a local. Now, thanks to the sharing economy, you can. Much like Airbnb, the site Traveling Spoon connects travelers with hosts, but, instead of a bed, you get a home-cooked meal. We visited a home chef in Mexico recently to try it out. You can read about that and find a recipe for his famous stuffed peppers.

    And see how the presidential candidates stack up when it comes to the fastest growing expense in the nation's health care budget. That's prescription drug costs. We have a report from Kaiser Health News on our home page.

    All that and more is on our Web site,

    And a reminder about some upcoming programs from our PBS colleagues.

    Gwen Ifill is preparing for "Washington Week," which airs later. Here's a preview:


    It's fair to say nobody saw this week coming. The Republican Senate threw down the gauntlet at the Democratic White House on Guantanamo and the Supreme Court. And the gloves came off, dramatically and noisily, in the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Who will blink? Not sure I have an answer, but we will try to explain how it's come to this tonight on "Washington Week" — Judy.


    On "PBS NewsHour Weekend" Saturday: why some Iranian-Americans fear they could be in violation of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

  • JAMAL ABDI, National Iranian American Council:

    An average Iranian-American who has family in Iran, unless they're willing to spend all the time to do due diligence, there's nothing they can do that doesn't potentially violate the sanctions.

  • RICHARD NEPHEW, Brookings Institution:

    Sanctions are only as good as the psychological fear they create in people engaged in illicit conduct. You want them to be afraid of breaking the rules.


    That's tomorrow night on "PBS NewsHour Weekend."

    And that's the "NewsHour" for tonight. I'm Judy Woodruff.

    Have a great weekend. Thank you, and good night.

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