Snapping selfies helped motivate this Pacific Crest Trail hiker

In our NewsHour Shares video of the day, Andy Davidhazy hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and took a selfie for every mile. A time-lapse video of the selfies shows the five-month journey as well as his 50-pound weight loss.

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    Finally to our "NewsHour" Shares of the day, something that caught our eye that might be of interest to you, too.

    Andy Davidhazy hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail. That's 2,660 miles, beginning in Mexico and ending in Canada. Along the way, he took a selfie snapshot at every mile, and lost 50 pounds. Afterward, he created a time-lapse video of the selfies that captured the five-month journey in just four minutes. We spoke with him last week about completing his life goal.


    I was looking for a challenge. And I was attracted to the Pacific Crest Trail and hiking from Mexico to Canada because it was a fairly unambiguous challenge. It was very clear, you know?

    And I was looking to do something that I could derive confidence and meaning in and apply to other aspects of my life. The taking of the photographs were a way for me to fully commit to the hike. If I were to skip ahead or to cut my trip short at any point, most importantly, myself would know it and everybody else would know it.

    Things on the trail, life on the trail happens very quickly. And things can go from bad to worse to amazingly beautiful in the span of just hours or within a day. It's very easy to see the impact of your hard work and your perseverance, and that really helps me build trust in myself to keep moving forward, even when I didn't want to.



    You can watch the full time-lapse video from the walk on our Web site,

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