The stork brings an eaglet: Bald eagle hatches at National Arboretum

As they welcomed a new member of the family this morning, all eyes were on “Mr. President” and “The First Lady” -- not the Obamas, but a pair of bald eagles nesting at the National Arboretum. A webcam captured their newborn eaglet, for now dubbed “DC-2,” as it emerged from its egg Friday. The family represents the first bald eagles to occupy the Arboretum since 1947.

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    All eyes today were on Mr. President and the first lady, as they added a new member to the family, not the Obamas, but rather, a pair of bald eagles nesting at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. A Web camera captured the first of possibly two eaglets fully emerging from its egg this morning.

    Biologists say the baby bald eagle known for now as DC2 appears to be doing well and is already being fed. The second egg, which was laid a few days after its sibling, could hatch over the weekend. The two adult bald eagles are the first pair to nest at the National Arboretum since 1947. They successfully raised their first eaglet last summer.

    What can you say but aww?

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