This Detroit family’s life just changed

After a recent report on how stress may be causing asthma among some kids, we share good news about one homeless Detroit family we profiled in partnership with The Detroit News.

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    And finally, a bit of good news as we update our recent story on how stress may be causing asthma among some kids.

    Last week, in a joint reporting project with The Detroit News, we profiled Siretha Lattimore and Dwayne Cole, Detroit parents who had been homeless for more than a year, often sleeping in the car with their four youngest children. Nine-year-old's Malik's asthma often is so severe, he'll vomit or pass out especially on stressful days.


    I feel like I'm hurting, I'm dying.


    As the weather turned colder in late October, Malik's condition became unmanageable. His parents reluctantly decided to turn the children over to Child Protective Services until they could find stable housing. Malik and his siblings were divided among four separate foster homes.

    Today, much of that changed. The nonprofit Detroit Rescue Mission ministry responded to the story by handing the family keys to a fully-furnished, five-bedroom home. They will be able to live there rent-free for two years. They will then have the option to buy the house.

    The deal also comes with financial and educational training for the parents, tutoring for the kids, and a fully-stocked kitchen just in time for Christmas.

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