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Trump rethinks campaign strategy, while Clinton tries to grow her lead in Ohio

Trailing in polls, Donald Trump is rethinking his campaign strategy. In Wisconsin Tuesday night, he asked for the African-American vote and slammed recent violence in Milwaukee. On Wednesday, he overhauled his team, appointing a new campaign CEO and manager. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton spoke in Ohio on tax policy, also saying that despite her opponent's staff shakeup, "there is no new Trump."

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    The Republican presidential nominee is bringing new leaders to his campaign team, and not for the first time.

    John Yang begins our coverage.


    There was a new seating chart at Donald Trump's campaign headquarters in Trump Tower today. The Republican nominee was still in the center chair, but around him, signs of a leadership shuffle, the second in less than two months, as polls show him losing ground.

    The new campaign CEO? Stephen Bannon. Bannon, top executive of the combative conservative Web site Breitbart News, is new to political companies. Trump also promoted senior adviser Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager.

    Conway, a longtime pollster, will focus on messaging, as she did this morning on FOX News.

  • KELLYANNE CONWAY, Trump Campaign Manager:

    It's the busy homestretch to Election Day, and we just need to sort of beef up the senior-level roles in a way that we are dividing and conquering.


    Paul Manafort, top aide for the past two months, will keep his title of campaign chairman, though his role is unclear.

    News of the shakeup came after a Trump rally in Wisconsin last night, where, for the second day in a row, he used a teleprompter as he tried to broaden the field.

    DONALD TRUMP (R), Presidential Nominee: I'm asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future.


    He spoke not far from Milwaukee, still reeling from unrest touched off by a weekend police shooting that left a 23-year-old black man dead.


    The violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in Milwaukee is an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and to live in peace.


    Today, Trump was to receive his first intelligence briefing as the Republican nominee. That's despite telling FOX News on Tuesday what he thought about the work of U.S. intelligence agencies.

    "Look what's happened over the last 10 years," he said. "It's been catastrophic."

    Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is to be briefed as well. Today, her campaign wouldn't answer questions about it. Clinton was campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio, today, trying to fortify her slim polling lead in a critical swing state.

    HILLARY CLINTON (D), Presidential Nominee: I think it's fair to say that Donald Trump has shown us who he is. He can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. They can make him read new words from a teleprompter.



    But he is still the same man who insults Gold Star families, demeans women. There is no new Donald Trump. This is it.


    Trump is to take a new step in his campaign later this week, airing his very first general election ads in swing states.

    For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm John Yang.


    We will talk with Trump's new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, right after the news summary.

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