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Viewers respond to manufacturing boom in Columbus, Mississippi

Alison Stewart reads viewer comments about a recent report about a manufacturing boom in the South that has prompted several international companies to open up shop in places like Columbia, Miss., which has been suffering under the effects of poverty for years.

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    And now to Viewers Like You: Your response to last week's signature segment from Main Street, Columbus, Mississippi where a number of international companies have opened up shop and started hiring.

    Most of your comments were skeptical.

  • JeanSC said:

    The key to Yokohama Tire's choice to locate here is NON-UNION jobs. The "golden triangle" is part of the "third world" part of the USA. The manufacturers locating here are, for the most part, mainly trying to buy the labor as cheaply as possible, and make sure it's more exploitable by being non-union.

  • Curtis added:

    A $15 per hour wage is about $30k/year. At $30k/year, a worker will never qualify to purchase a home, send their children to college or save for a decent retirement. This is the reality of blue collar labor in the US.

    And this from Bill Ryan: The modern manufacturers demand a better educated work force. If you don't address that first, business will go elsewhere.

  • Tina Beelel commented:

    A friend who used to live there said [an] auto plant did well for the economy in his area… i would assume it dependS what kind of business is being built…another Walmart, No.

    In our story, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant talked about the new jobs in his state.


    "These are manufacturing jobs. And so hopefully, they are those type that will be transferred from one generation to the next."


    Which brought this comment from anla:

    One and a half generations perhaps… Then, like the northern states, another state (or country) will undercut the cost (tax breaks, etc.) and they will move. Manufacturing jobs work only where employees are willing to work for desperation wages… Like in Mississippi.

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