Viewers respond to report on movement encouraging end-of-life discussions

Hari Sreenivasan reads viewer comments from a recent segment about The Conversation Project, an organization that encourages end-of-life discussions among family and friends.

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    And now to Viewers Like You: Your chance to comment on our work.

    Last week's segment about "The Conversation Project" prompted overwhelming response in support of end-of-life discussions.

  • Bonnie Lofton commented:

    My doctor and I have had this discussion. I am glad that I live in Oregon. When the time comes that the benefits do not outweigh the suffering I want it well known by my family my wishes to how I am allowed to stop living.

    Michelle Vietor said simply: I want the ability to decide when to go. I don't see how that's anyone else's business…

  • B Wilds added:

    With people living longer and technologies ability to extend a person's life well beyond where they feel it has any "real quality" the issue people wanting the right to "check out" will not go away.

    And then there was this from Candid One: I'm a pre-boomer, who's also retired, with lots of time to allocate to inevitability… The primary motivation that's implied in this segment's exposé is that we make living easier for all by not keeping death as an unmentionable.

    There were some who told us about their own experiences guiding end-of-life conversations, like Brenda Adcock: Speaking as someone who was a church pastor for 35 years, I can tell you I wish more people were willing to have this conversation.

  • And Jana L. Johnsen:

    As a hospital/hospice chaplain I initiated or facilitated these interactions for years. It is finally being able to talk openly about the elephant in the room. And it is not morbid, but life-giving to be able to share these intimate conversations.

  • And Beverly Berg:

    When I worked at the VA, I dealt with dying and death on a fairly regular basis…Some just needed someone to let them know it was okay to die if this was what they wanted, that they didn't have to fight anymore just to make everyone around them happy.

    And finally, Noubar Gee offered this advice: Think about it, talk about it but do not be pre-occupied by it…

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