Viewers respond to reports on student loan options and teacher tenure

Hari Sreenivasan reads viewer comments in response to a NewsHour Weekend report on new options for borrowers of student loans and an updated segment on teacher tenure lawsuits.

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    And now to Viewers Like You. We begin with your comments on the conversation we had about student loans and the new options that allow borrowers to modify the terms of their loans.

  • Panhead20 wrote:

    "When the government gives billions to the banksters at 0% interest and then charges struggling students 4%+ that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Welcome to indentured servitude :(."

  • Christopher Gerstle commented:

    "If colleges and universities have to educate more than twice the number of students they once did but have less money to do it, what do you think is going to happen? Schools either have to raise more capital from private sources, or raise tuition."

    Scott Tucker took a broader view:

    "The American college degree has been diminished by lower standards for achievement and the false narrative that no one can make it without one. European countries, like Germany for example, provide free college education to anyone who proves they're genuinely interested and their intent is worthy of the degree. We are being outpaced by such nations, as they seem to value quality over quantity."

    And John Frazier had the end in sight:

    "In two months making the last payment after my son graduated 12 years ago."

    Comments about our segment on a lawsuit in California that challenged current teacher tenure regulations in that state were mostly divided into two camps.

  • Purp Chiten wrote:

    "Nobody is going away to want to go into the field and undergo the "torture" and "slave labor" of being a teacher if there is no protection for them such as tenure."

    And there was this from BlakeNaustin: "Seniority and quality have very little in common. Seniority should not lead to tenure. Seniority should not be the dominant factor in setting salaries. "

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