Viewers sound off on plot twist in Harper Lee’s new novel

Viewers weigh in on the recent revelation that Harper Lee's beloved character from "To Kill A Mockingbird," Atticus Finch, holds racist views. Hari Sreenivasan reads your comments.

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    And now to Viewers Like You. Your chance to comment on our work. We return to last week's segment about Harper Lee's new novel, "Go Set A Watchman" and the revelation that Lee's beloved character from "To Kill A Mockingbird," Atticus Finch, holds racist views.

    WriterFromTexas said it was clear in TKAM that Atticus defended his client because that is how the law in this country is supposed to work. Kudos to him for that. The book hinted that this was despite Atticus's beliefs. Would that all persons today received adequate representation.

    Calipenguin hoped schools would embrace the chance in Atticus Finch. Will school districts ban that novel now that Atticus turns out to be a segregationist in the sequel? I hope not. Teachers should use this opportunity to discuss the spectrum of civil rights issues in our nation's history.

    Phoebe Gavin defended Harper Lee. I'm very annoyed by the reactions. No matter how invested you are in a character, you don't own them, the author does. Only the author knows who any particular character truly is.

    Michael McLellan added, both are fiction. Both are separate entities. Reading this new novel should have no effect on how you view Mockingbird.

    David Uffer lamented, are there to be no heroes left standing in this crazed tormented world!?

    Kathi Duginski wanted no part of the new book. If that is true I won't read it. I love the Atticus Finch I have known since I was a child.

    And John Hergt took a more cynical approach. It's simply an inferior earlier effort that was scrapped and now resurrected for money.

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